Summer Camps

Our goal at Learn As You Grow is to provide our Campers with a clean, safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate learning environment where they are encouraged to develop life long love of learning.

Camp Exploration is a unique blend of fun and learning where Campers are encouraged to make choices based on their interests. Our teaching staff plan weekly theme-based activities which incorporate arts and crafts, language experiences, creative exploration, outdoor activities, construction, recreation, science activities and many, many more.

 Camp Exploration Weekly Themes

Mission Into Space” Camp Exploration heads out of this world…during Space Camp we will be exploring nebulas, black holes and setting up some cool space experiments.

Ancient Egypt” Pyramids, mummies, and hieroglyphics!! Oh my!! The Campers will be creating mummies, name banners using hieroglyphics, and edible pyramids as we wrap ourselves in the history of Egypt.

Camp Exploration Carnival” Ladies and Gentlemen, Campers of all ages…the carnival is in town!  Our Campers will be designing, creating and hosting the best carnival on earth with paper mache bowling, paper towel tube ring toss, milk jug game and a newspaper ball toss! Our Camp will evolve into a wonderful carnival with fun for all!

Hands On Science” Pendulums, chemical reactions, pigments and much, much more! Campers love to put on their lab coats and explore science!  There will be a lot of kid-friendly experiments taking place in our ‘lab’ so be on the look out for erupting volcanoes, homemade paint, tornados and ‘Gel’ectricity. Our campers will even make their own microscope!


In addition to fun weekly theme, the Camp Exploration staff offers small group Clubs of Interest for our Campers, which allow them to explore specific interests in more depth.


Clubs of Interest 

Jewelry Club

Photography Club

Cooking Club

Game Show Club

Scrapbook Club

Science Club

Fitness Club

Sign Language Club

Sports Club

Drama Club

Recycling Club

Card Game Club

……and many more.