Welcome To Our Toddler Program

DSC0648018 months-3 years

Our goal at Learn As You Grow is to provide our toddlers with a clean, safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate learning environment where they are encouraged to explore their feelings of independence and autonomy.

A practical, hands-on learning environment is essential in developing a positive self image, encouraging independence, developing social skills, learning to share, hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, encouraging language development, and beginning problem solving skills. We achieve these goals through imaginative play, story telling, art activities, sharing time and exploring the outdoors. We look forward to watching your toddler grow and change every day!

Language development is also beginning to take shape at this age. We encourage this development through conversation, singing songs, and echoing the children’s feeling. As a toddler’s language develops, so does their ability to begin to problem solve. We encourage independence and self help skills in this classroom as the children are able to wash their own hands, brush their own teeth and begin to pick up their toys.

Potty training will begin soon for many of the toddlers. Although children potty train at their own pace, you and your child’s teacher work together to provide the best environment for success. We work with every child on an individual basis when they are developmentally ready to begin using the bathroom.

This is an overview of our program. We encourage you to call the center Director and schedule a personal tour of our center. This gives you the opportunity to view our program and philosophy in action, and allows us to answer any questions you may have.