Our Twins Loved LAYG!

June 2017

Dear Learn As You Grow Staff and Management,

We are writing this letter to notify you that the twins will longer be able to attend Learn As You Grow in North Syracuse.   We have enjoyed being at the North Syracuse and Cicero locations of Learn As You Grow  since the twins were seven months old!

 We have thought about our decision very carefully and are definitely very sentimental about our time at Learn As You Grow. You have seen our children through many stages and many rooms. You have cared for our twins as if they are your own-protecting and teaching them each step of the way. They have learned to sit up, feed themselves, walk and talk. They have learned to share and work together (most of the time!). They have been loved and continue to grow in confidence.  Each teacher has been an important part of their development. We know that we need to make a change at this time for our family and will miss the staff and location very much!

 We would like to also highly recommend Learn As You Grow to any future parents as a safe and wonderful location for children of many ages. We would like to individually thank each and every teacher that has been part of our children’s lives.  We really appreciate all the hard work and effort you give to our children.  We also would like to  acknowledge the North Syracuse Directors for always having wonderful communication, and truly caring about our children.  You run excellent child care center!

Thank you for your time and care. We truly appreciate it!

We are going to miss the everyone.

Mr. and Mrs. C.


Mr. & Mrs. C