Waterlogic Recalls Water Cooling, Heating Systems Due to Fire Hazard

Recall Details


About 48,000


Chiller-based water filtration systems provide hot and cold water dispensers for home and workplace. The units come in three sizes, 18, 40 and 48 inches high, and in white, black or stainless steel.  One of the following brand names is printed on the front of the unit: AquaMark, Coolersmart, Culligan, Innowave, Waterlogic and Xstream Water. Recalled products have serial numbers printed on a label on the back of the machines.

Serial numbers for AquaMark, Culligan, Innowave and Waterlogic units start with the following four numbers and one letter:


2105A through 2105L

2106A through 2106L 

2107A through 2107L  

2108A through 2108L

2205A through 2205L

2206A through 2206L 

2207A through 2207L  

2208A through 2208L

2305A through 2305L

2306A through 2306L 

2307A through 2307L  

2308A through 2308L

2405A through 2405L

2406A through 2406L

2407A through 2407L  

2408A through 2408L

2505A through 2505L

2506A through 2506L

2507A through 2507L  

2508A through 2508L

2605A through 2605L

2606A through 2606L

2607A through 2607L  

2608A through 2608L

2705A through 2705L

2706A through 2706L

2707A through 2707L  

2708A through 2708L

3105A through 3105L

3106A through 3106L

3107A through 3107L  

3108A through 3108L

3505A through 3505L

3506A through 3506L

3507A through 3507L  

3508A through 3508L

3605A through 3605L

3606A through 3606L

3607A through 3607L  

3608A through 3608L

6105A through 6105L

6106A through 6106L

6107A through 6107L  

6108A through 6108L

6505A through 6505L

6506A through 6506L

6507A through 6507L  

6508A through 6508L

6605A through 6605L

6606A through 6606L

6607A through 6607L  

6608A through 6608L

6905A through 6905L

6906A through 6906L

6907A through 6907L  

6908A through 6908L

7105A through 7105L

7106A through 7106L

7107A through 7107L

7108A through 7108L

7205A through 7205L

7206A through 7206L

7207A through 7207L

7208A through 7208L

7505A through 7505L

7506A through 7506L

7507A through 7507L

7508A through 7508L

7605A through 7605L

7606A through 7606L

7607A through 7607L

7608A through 7608L

7905A through 7905L

7906A through 7906L

7907A through 7907L

7908A through 7908L


Serial numbers for Coolersmart units start with the following six digit alpha-numeric codes:



The following serial numbers for Xstream Water units are affected:



Waterlogic received 16 reports of fire and smoke within the water dispensers. No injuries or property damage have been reported.


Waterlogic is contacting its distributors and providing a list of affected units and all technical instructions and necessary parts for repairing the units. Consumers who have not been contacted by their distributer for a free repair should contact Waterlogic.

Sold at

Distributors and dealers, including AquaPure Water Systems, Culligan, CWC, Farmer Brothers, Filterfresh, First Choice Services and others selling water and coffee systems nationwide from January 2005 to December 2008 for approximately $500 to $1500.  The units are sold to dealers and leased to consumers.


Waterlogic Commercial Products, LLC, of Omaha, Neb.


Waterlogic Manufacturing China  

Manufactured in


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